I was fortunate to avoid having major surgery on my foot. I had a fall that left me with a serious foot injury. I did PT for 6 months and saw multiple foot specialists in the area. Unfortunately, I was not getting better. Dr. Keith set me up with adjustments on my foot and back that helped considerably. However, the cold laser therapy and the PEMF ring did the trick. Now, I am able to walk again and do yoga. My advice is to seek another opinion with Messamore chiropractic if you have any injuries or pain. It’s the best decision I made for myself.


Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you! I feel like a new person this morning! See you Thursday? I’ve got to keep this train rolling! Dispute myself as the biggest deterrent! You’re the best!!!

Richard Sarnat, M.D.
My name is Richard and I am a medical doctor who has published extensively in peer review journals on the subject of Integrative Medicine and especially on the value of a small group of exceptional chiropractors, who distinguish themselves from among their peers. In my day job as the Chief Medical officer of a National managed care company I also make evaluations on the Credentialing of Chiropractors and their suitability for a given health plan. After watching the care rendered by Dr. Messamore I am convinced that he is one of the Elite Chiropractors in the USA. I hope that his patients realize how fortunate they are to have have him as their trusted guide to better health. See Dr. Sarnats JAMA findings 

Angie Z
The first visit that I saw Dr. Keith, I was barely able to move without pain. It was all I could do do even use the restroom. After my first visit, I felt 50% better. After two visits I was able to move more freely and actually drive myself to my appointments. After 4 visits in one week, 98% of my pain was gone and I was back to work. I highly recommend Messamore Family Chiropractic. Dr. Keith really cares and he knows what he is doing. He uses a combination of old fashioned hand adjustments and the drop table along with numerous other treatments he has available.

I was in the worst back pain of my life and after five visits I feel fantastic! The staff is so nice and friendly!

Christopher G
I have been very happy with my adjustments. I will sometimes have headaches and pain in my upper back, usually within 4 or 5 visits I will be good for quite a while. It is much better than taking medications for the issues, chiropractic care helps me to fix what is causing the problem.

Deborah B
Thanks Dr. Keith for helping me get some relief! Great practice and great knowledge. Have recommended you to many friends and family.

Dr’ Messamore and Robin are excellent. I have never used A chiropractor before. I drove by their business and stopped back to call for an appointment I am not sorry that I did so I had an awful fall and really messed up my neck and back. Was having daily headaches and blurry vision. These have Now disappeared

I have been seeing Dr. Messamore since August of 2019 when I moved back to Michigan. He helped relieve my pain throughout my pregnancy. He has also bee helping my body heal after having my baby. He has also adjusted my 11-week old and has helped him turn his head fully both ways and spit-up is almost non-existent now. He sleeps better, eats better and even has an easier time with bowel movements. All this with only 2 adjustments so far. He is gentle with him and gives him time between adjustments when needed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor. Also, Robin is amazing and always doing what she can to accommodate my schedule and now with COVID-19 she makes sure we are first in to keep my baby's potential contact with anyone else at a minimum. I could not be happier with them.

Sara L
Such a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Messamore is friendly and kind. As soon as you meet him you can tell that he is extremely passionate about helping others to the best of his ability.

Tom Cheryl and Adam L
My wife, son and I have been patients of Keith for the past 4 years. He keeps our bodies in tune and offers homopathic vitimins and lotions. Add the fact Keith is a graduate I of Palmer collage of chiropratic and you have one of the best "Go To" Chiropratic clinics in the state. Keep up the great work Keith !

Jennifer W
Life changing!!!

Diana A
Very thorough explanation, answered all my questions. Pleasant atmosphere, too.

The first time I went I felt at least 50% better. One of my legs wouldn’t lay flat because of surgery I had on it 5 years ago. In one second both of my legs were even. It seemed like a miracle.

Robert C
Fantastic results with the cold laser!!

Amber Jane S
After one visit, I was already 10 times less pain! The friendly and helpful staff & Dr. Messamore are fantastic!

Jeremy B
Amazing service!! I’m so blessed to have people like you guys in my life. Thank you.

I have had chronic headaches for almost 2 years now, taking Advil daily to rid the pain. I was constantly told it was just “tension” headaches. After seeing Dr. Messamore for 3 weeks I no longer have headaches and havnt taken Advil since!! Woohoo!!

Niki Mc C
Dr Keith has been so great for me! He has helped ease my headaches, my chronic shoulder pain, and has helped me with digestive issues. I'd be a mess without you! Thank you so much!!

Best chiropractor in the area. Does an amazing job!

Joel P W
Along with chiropractic care, the cold laser is amazing!


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