Regenerative Healing

Shockwave therapy refers to a type of non-invasive medical treatment that utilizes high-energy shockwaves as a means to promote pain relief as well as regenerative healing of tissue and other cellular structures. If you live in the greater Kalamazoo, MI, area, Dr. Keith Messamore and his team of professionals at Messamore Family Chiropractic offer shockwave therapy to help manage the underlying cause and symptoms of a variety of musculoskeletal problems.

Note that shockwave therapy may require a series of sessions, with the exact number of sessions contingent upon the condition being treated by Dr. Messamore and the patient's response to this type of regenerative healing methodology. However, shockwave therapy has been shown to be effective as follows -

Tissue & Regenerative Healing

This type of therapy, which stimulates collagen production (and other healing factors/nutrients), can help promote the repair/recovery of injured or damaged soft tissue, which may include ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

The Treatment of Chronic Pain

Shockwave therapy, which has a scientific name -  Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (i.e., ESWT), may be used to treat discomfort and pain caused by inflammation in most areas of the body. The shockwaves stimulate blood flow and tissue repair, helping to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with these various conditions that may include -

  • Treating areas of the extremities -
    • On the foot –
      • Plantar Fasciitis
      • Achilles Tendonitis, etc.
    • On the arm –
    • Tennis Elbow (a.k.a., Lateral Epicondylitis)
    • Golfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis), etc.
  • Treating the Shoulder –
    • Calcific Shoulder Tendinopathy.

In Preparation for Chiropractic Adjustments/Manipulations

It is common for shockwave therapy to be used as a pre-treatment prior to an adjustment or other chiropractic treatment designed to support regenerative healing. A client who has less muscle tension and overall pain will find complementary chiropractic techniques to become a more effective tool.

The Treatment of Muscle/Myofascial Trigger Points

Shockwave therapy is often effective in treating hyperirritable areas that create localized discomfort, stiffness, and pain. The shockwaves encourage blood flow, relax muscles, and break down targeted trigger points.

The Prevention/Reduction of Scar Tissue

Shockwave therapy can help prevent as well as reduce existing scar tissue within injured tissue or damaged muscle. Reduced scar tissue helps to improve mobility and range of motion.  

Joint Conditions

Shockwave therapy offers support in regenerative healing that may help with joint problems that cause pain or reduced joint function – i.e., osteoarthritis.

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